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Musketeers   3 Musketeers Chocolate Bar 36 Sugg Ret $1.89
5-Ascent   5 Ascent Wintermint Gum 10/15 pcs Sugg Ret $2.59
5-Cobalt   5 Cobalt Gum 10/15 pcs Sugg Ret $2.59
5-Flood-Strawberry-   5 Flood Sour Strawberry 10/15 pcs Sugg Ret $2.59
5-Hour-Berry-   5 Hour Energy Berry Shot 12/59ml Sugg Ret $4.69
5-Hour-Rack-   5 Hour Energy Counter Top Rack ***BUY 3 Flavors GET A FREE RACK!***
5-Hour-Berry-Black-Xtra-Strg   5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Berry Black Shot 12/59ml Sugg Ret $4.99
5-Hour-Blue-Rasp-Xtra-Strg-   5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Blue Raspberry Shot 12/59ml Sugg Ret $4.99
5-Hour-Grape-Xtra-Strg   5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Grape Shot 12/59ml Sugg Ret $4.99
5-Hour-Peach-Mango-Xtra-Strg   5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Peach Mango Shot 12/59ml Sugg Ret $4.99
5-Hour-Straw-Water-Xtra-Strg   5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Strawberry Watermelon Shot 12/59ml Sugg Ret $2.99
5-Hour-Tropical-Xtra-Strg-   5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Tropical Burst Shot 12/59ml Sugg Ret $4.99
5-Hour-Grape-   5 Hour Energy Grape Shot 12/59ml Sugg Ret $4.69
5-Hour-Orange   5 Hour Energy Orange Shot 12/59ml Sugg Ret $4.69
5-Rain   5 Rain Gum 10/15 pcs Sugg Ret $2.59
Advil-Pocket-Pack   Advil Ibuprofen Tablets 10 Pack Tube 12/200mg Display Box Sugg Ret $4.99
Aero   Aero Milk Bar 48/42g Sugg Ret $1.89
Aero-King-Size   Aero Milk King Size Chocolate Bar 24/63g Sugg Ret $1.89
Aero-Peppermin   Aero Peppermint Chocolate Bar 24/g Sugg Ret $1.89
Airhead-Blue   Airheads Blue Raspberry 36/ Sugg Ret $0.59
Airhead-Cherry   Airheads Cherry 36/ Sugg Ret $0.59
Airhead-Grape-   Airheads Grape 36/ Sugg Ret $.59
Airhead-Strawberry   Airheads Strawberry 36/ Sugg Ret $0.59
Airhead-Watermelon   Airheads Watermelon 36/ Sugg Ret $0.59
Airheaed-White   Airheads White Mystery 36/ Sugg Ret $0.59
Aleve-Pocket-Pack   Aleve Naproxen 10 Pack Tube 6/220mg Display Box Sugg Ret $5.99
Allan-Big-Foot   Allans Big Foot Original 12/200g Sugg Ret $2.89
Allan-Blue-Rasp   Allans Big Foot Sour Blue Raspberry 12/200g Sugg Ret $2.89
Allan-Hot-Lips   Allans Hot lips 12/200g Sugg Ret $2.89
Aud-Cupcake-Choc   Audrey's Cupcakes Chocolate 2-Pack 6/113g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Van-Cupcake   Audrey's Cupcakes Vanilla 2-Pack 6/102g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Danish-Apple   Audrey's Danish Apple & Cinnamon 6/142g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Danish-Blueberry   Audrey's Danish Blueberry & Cream Cheese 6/142g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Danish-Cherry   Audrey's Danish Cherry & Cream Cheese 6/142g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Fingers-Raspberry   Audrey's Fingers Raspberry 8/113g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Van-Finger   Audrey's Fingers Vanilla 8/79g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Honey-Bun   Audrey's Glazed Honey Bun 9/142g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Mini-Choco-Donut   Audrey's Mini Chocolate Donuts 12/94g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Mini-Powdered-Donuts   Audrey's Mini Powdered Sugar Donuts 12/85g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Squares-Half-n-Half   Audrey's Squares Half Puffed Wheat/Half Crispy Rice 12/90g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Squares-Puffed-Wheat-   Audrey's Squares Puffed Wheat 12/90g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Squares-Rainbow   Audrey's Squares Rainbow Cereal Square 18/43g Sugg Ret $1.79
Aud-Squares-Rice-Crispy   Audrey's Squares Rice Crispy 12/90g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Strudel-Apple   Audrey's Strudels Apple 6/135g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Strudel-Blueberry   Audrey's Strudels Blueberry 6/135g Sugg Ret $2.59
Aud-Strudel-Cherry   Audrey's Strudels Cherry 6/135g Sugg Ret $2.59
Baby-Bell-   Baby Bel Cheese Mini 10/Twin Packs/ 40g Sugg Ret $3.89
Baby-Bottle-Giant-Blue-Marsh   Baby Bottle Giant Blue Marshmallows 2/350g Sugg Ret $12.99
Baby-Bottle-Giant-Pink-Marsh   Baby Bottle Giant Pink Marshmallows 2/350g Sugg Ret $12.99
Baby-Btle-Gummy-Blast   Baby Bottle Pop Gummy Blast 9/56g Sugg Ret $3.39
Baby-Bottle-Pops   Baby Bottle Pops 18/31g Sugg Ret $2.75
Baby-Flash-Pop   Baby Flash Lightup Pops 12/45g Sugg Ret $2.99
Bentasil-Blackcurrant   Bentasil BlackCurrant Soft Throat Lozenges 12/38g Sugg Ret $4.99
Bentasil-Cherry   Bentasil Cherry Soft Throat Lozenges 12/38g Sugg Ret $4.99
Bentasil-Eucalyptus   Bentasil Eucalyptus Soft Throat Lozenges 12/38g Sugg Ret $4.99
Bentasil-Floor-Displayer   Bentasil Floor Displayer 72/38g Sugg Ret $4.59
Bentasil-Honey-Lemon   Bentasil Honey Lemon Soft Throat Lozenges 12/38g Sugg Ret $4.99
Bic-Mini   Bic Lighters Mini 50 ct Sugg Ret $1.69
Bic-Lighter   Bic Lighters Original 50 ct Display Sugg Ret $1.99
Big-Chief-80g-POS-Cards-   Big Chief 1 each 80g Point of Sale Cards***PROMO RET 2 for $10.00*** ***
Big-Chief-120-Original   Big Chief 120g Original Beef Jerky Zip Lock Bag 12/120g Sugg Ret $9.29
Big-Chief-120-Teriyaki   Big Chief 120g Teriyaki Beef Jerky Zip Lock Bag 12/120g Sugg Ret $9.29
Big-Chief-12g-Orig   Big Chief 12g Original Beef Jerky 48/12g Sugg Ret $1.29
Big-Chief-12g-Teri   Big Chief 12g Teriyaki Beef Jerky 48/12g Sugg Ret $1.29
Big-Chief-30g-Jalapeno   Big Chief 30g Jalapeno Beef Jerky 30/30g Sugg Ret $2.89
Big-Chief-30g-Orig   Big Chief 30g Original Beef Jerky 30/30g Sugg Ret $2.89
Big-Chief-30g-Teri   Big Chief 30g Teriyaki Beef Jerky 30/30g Sugg Ret $2.89
Big-Chief-80g-Hot   Big Chief 80g Hot Beef Jerky 12/80g Sugg Ret $6.49​***PROMO RETAIL 2 For $10.00***
Big-Chief-80g-Jalapeno   Big Chief 80g Jalapeno Beef Jerky 12/80g Sugg Ret $6.49​***PROMO RETAIL 2 For $10.00***
Big-Chief-80-Original   Big Chief 80g Original Beef Jerky Zip Lock Bag 12/80g Sugg Ret $6.49​***PROMO RETAIL 2 For $10.00***
Big-Chief-80g-Teri   Big Chief 80g Teriyaki Beef Jerky 12/80g Sugg Ret $6.49​***PROMO RETAIL 2 For $10.00***
Big-Turk   Big Turk Bar 36/60g Sugg Ret $1.89
Bigs-Sunflower-Seeds-POS-Card   Bigs 1 Sunflower Seeds 1 each Point of Sale Cards***PROMO RETAIL 2 For $4.50***
Bigs-Orig   Bigs Sunflower Seeds - Original Salted 24/140g Sugg Ret $2.99***PROMO RETAIL 2 For $4.50***
Big-Bacon   Bigs Sunflower Seeds - Sizzlin' Bacon 24/140g Sugg Ret $2.99​***PROMO RETAIL 2 For $4.50***
Bigs-Ranch   Bigs Sunflower Seeds - Zesty Ranch 24/140g Sugg Ret $2.99***PROMO RETAIL 2 For $4.50***
Bigs-Taco   Bigs Sunflower Seeds Taco Bell Supreme 8/140 Sugg Ret $2.99***PROMO RETAIL 2 For $4.50***
Bigs-Dill   Bigs Sunflower Seeds Vlasic Dill Pickle 24/140 Sugg Ret $2.99​​***PROMO RETAIL 2 For $4.50***
Blow-Pop-Blue   Blow Pops Blue Razz 48/18.4g Sugg Ret $0.39
Blow-Pop-Cherry-Ice   Blow Pops Cherry Ice 48/18.4g Sugg Ret $0.39
Blue-D-23g-Hickory-Smoke-Almon   Blue Diamond 23g Hickory Smoked Almonds 18/23g Sugg Ret $1.49
Blue-Diamond-23g-Salted-Almond   Blue Diamond 23g Lightly Salted Almonds 18/23g Sugg Ret $1.49
Blue-Diamond-43g-Blueberry-   Blue Diamond 43g Blueberry Almonds 12/43g Sugg Ret $2.49
Blue-Diamond-43g-Smokehouse-   Blue Diamond 43g Smokehouse Original Almonds 12/43g Sugg Ret $2.49
Blue-Diamond-43g-Sriracha   Blue Diamond 43g Sriracha Almonds 12/43g Sugg Ret $2.49
Blue-Diamond-43g-Wasabi   Blue Diamond 43g Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds 12/43g Sugg Ret $2.49
Scent-Bomb-Tin   Bomb Scent Can Odor Eliminator Counter Display 12/42g Sugg Ret $4.99***ON SALE***
Bombs-Away   Bombs Away Concentrated Smoke & Odor Eliminator Counter Display 25/10ml Sugg Ret $2.99
BA-Cake-Banana   Bon Appetit Banana Cake 1/113g Sugg Ret $3.99
BA-Choc-Banana-Cake   Bon Appetit Banana Chocolate Cake 1/113g Sug Ret $3.99
BA-Cake-Cheese   Bon Appetit Cheese Cake1/113g Sugg Ret $3.99
BA-Cake-Coffee-   Bon Appetit Cheese Coffee Cake 1/142g Sugg Ret $3.99
BA-Apple-Danish   Bon Appetit Danish Apple 1/142g Sugg Ret $3.99
BA-Bear-Claw-Danish   Bon Appetit Danish Bear Claw 1/142g Sugg Ret $3.99
BA-Blueberry-Danish   Bon Appetit Danish Blueberry Creme 1/142g Sugg Ret $3.99
BA-Chese-Berry-Danish   Bon Appetit Danish Cheese & Berry 1/142g Sugg Ret $3.99
BA-Cheese-Croissant   Bon Appetit Danish Cheese Croissant 1/142g Sugg Ret $3.99
BA-Super-Cinnamon   Bon Appetit Super Cinnamon Roll 1/142g Sugg Ret $3.99
Bounty-Dark   Bounty Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar 24/57g Sugg Ret $1.89
Bounty   Bounty Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar 24 Sugg Ret $1.89
Bounty-King-Size   Bounty King Size Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar 21/85g Sugg Ret $2.59
Bubble-Dozers   Bubble Dozers Candy 12/ Sugg Ret $2.39
Bubble-Gum-Fries   Bubble Gum Fries 16/60g Sugg Ret $2.19
Cad-Dairy-Milk   Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar 24/42g Sugg Ret $1.89
Cad-Dairy-Fruit-Nut   Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar 24/60g Sugg Ret $1.89
Cad-Oreo-Bar   Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Bar 12/38g Sugg Ret $1.89
Candy-Dude-Gummy-Mix   Candy Dude Assorted Gummy Treat Mix 6/160g Sugg Ret $2.49
Candy-Dude-Sour-Gummy-Mix   Candy Dude Assorted Sour Gummy Treat Mix 6/160g Sugg Ret $2.49
Candy-Dude-Dino-Sours   Candy Dude Dino Sours Cup 6/140g Sugg Ret $2.49
Candy-Dude-Gummy-Bears   Candy Dude Gummy Bears Cup 6/190g Sugg Ret $2.49
Candy-Dude-Large-Rack   Candy Dude Large Size Cup Rack 72 Cups ***FREE WITH MINIMUM PURCHASE****
Candy-Dude-Marsh-Bananas   Candy Dude Marshmallow Banana Cup 6/80g Sugg Ret $2.49
Candy-Dude-Straw-Marsh   Candy Dude Marshmallow Strawberries Cup 6/80g Sugg Ret $2.49
Candy-Dude-Small-Rack   Candy Dude Regular Size Cup Rack 90 Cup***FREE WITH MINIMUM PURCHASE****
Candy-Dude-Sour-Keys   Candy Dude Sour Keys Cup 6/125g Sugg Ret $2.49
Caramel-Apple-Pop   Caramel Apple Pops 48ct Sugg Ret $0.39
Caramilk   Caramilk Chocolate Bar 48/58g Sugg Ret $1.89
Carry-Clean-Dental-Travel-Kit   Carry Clean Dental Travel Pack 3/ Sugg Ret $4.99
Cell-2-ft-stand-up-rack-w-600.   Cellphone Metal Display shelf 1/ FREE with PURCHASE
Char-Choc   Charleston Chew Chocolate 24/65g Sugg Ret $2.29
Char-Van   Charleston Chew Vanilla 24/65g Sugg Ret $2.29
Cheetos-37g-Puff   Cheetos 37g Puffs The Original Cheddar Snack 40's Sugg Ret $1.50
Cheetos-Crunchy-Cheddar   Cheetos 57g Crunchy Cheddar Snack 40's Sugg Ret $1.50
Cheetos-70g-Big-Grab-Crunchy-   Cheetos 70g Crunchy Big Grab Cheddar Snack 36's Sugg Ret $2.00
Cherry-Blossom   Cherry Blossom 24/45g Sugg Ret $1.89
Kinder-Orignal-   Chocolate Kinder Eggs With Surpise Original 24/20g Sugg Ret $2.19
Kinder-Joy-   Chocolate Kinder Joy Surprise Egg 32/20g Sugg Retail $2.19
Bits-and-Bites   Christie’s Bites & Bites Original 12/70g Sugg Ret $2.19
Mini-Oreo-Cookies   Christie’s Mini Oreo Cookies 12/70g Sugg Ret $2.19
Mini-Ritz-Bits-Cheese-Sandwich   Christie’s Mini Ritz Bits Cheese Sandwich 12/70g Sugg Ret $2.19
Clawhammer-Strong-Peppermint   Clawhammer Organic Strong Peppermint Candy Mints 12/30g Sugg $2.89
Coffee-Crisp   Coffee Crisp 48/50g Sugg Ret $1.89
Corn-Nuts-BBQ   Corn Nuts BBQ 18/48g Sugg Ret $1.69
Corn-Nuts-Jalapeno   Corn Nuts Jalapeno Cheddar 18/48g Sugg Ret $1.69
Corn-Nuts-Original   Corn Nuts Original 18/48g Sugg Ret $1.69
Corn-Nuts-Ranch   Corn Nuts Ranch 18/48g Sugg Ret $1.69
Fluffy-Stuff   Cotton Candy Charms Fluffy Stuff Bag12/60g Sugg Ret $3.49
Crispy-Crunch   Crispy Crunch Chocolate Bar 24/48g Sugg Ret $1.89
Crunch   Crunch Chocolate Bar 36/g Sugg Ret $1.89
Crunchie   Crunchie Chocolate Bar 24/44g Sugg Ret $1.89
Cry-Baby-Tube   Cry Baby Tube Gum 24/66g Sugg Ret $1.19
CT-TEK-2.4-Dual-Wall-USB   CT TEK Dual Wal ETL Certified 2.4 A Wall Charger 12/ Sugg Ret $ 11.99
Curly-Swirly-Pop-   Curly Swirly Pop Display 24/100g Sugg Ret $2.29
Dentyne-Arctic-Bubble   Dentyne Arctic Bubble Gum 12 Sugg Ret $1.59
Dent-Fire-Cinnamon   Dentyne Fire Cinnamon Gum 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Dent-Ice-Avalanche   Dentyne Ice Avalanche Gum 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Dent-Ice-Intense   Dentyne Ice Intense Gum 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Dent-Ice-Midnight-Mint   Dentyne Ice Midnight Mint Gum 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Dent-Ice-Peppermint   Dentyne Ice Peppermint Gum 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Dent-Ice-Shiver-   Dentyne Ice Shiver Gum 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Dent-Ice-Spearmint   Dentyne Ice Spearmint Gum 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
DM-Red-Burrito-Trays   Don Miguel "The Bomb" Red Burrito Trays 1 each FREE with Purchase
DM-Spicy-Beef-n-Bean   Don Miguel "The Bomb" Spicy Beef & Bean Burrito 12/397g Sugg Ret $7.59***ON SALE***
Doritos-45g-Cool-Ranch   Doritos 45g Cool Ranch 48's Sugg Ret $1.50
Doritos-45g-Nacho-Cheese   Doritos 45g Nacho Cheese 48's Sugg Ret $1.50
Doritos-45g-Zesty-Cheese   Doritos 45g Zesty Cheese 48's Sugg Ret $1.50
Doritos-70g-Big-Swt-Heat-Chili   Doritos 70g Sweet Chili Heat Big Grab 32's Sugg Ret $2.00
Doritos-70g-Zesty-Cheese   Doritos 70g Zesty Cheese 32's Sugg Ret $1.50
Doublemint-Gum   Doublemint Gum 10/15 pcs Sugg Ret $2.49
Dub-Bub-6-Tube   Dubble Bubble Assorted 6 Ball Gumball Tube 24/ Sugg Ret $1.19
Dub-Bub-Fizzn   Dubble Bubble Fizz'n 7 Gumball Tube 24/ Sugg Ret $1.19
Dub-Bub-Gumball   Dubble Bubble Gumball machine 12/ Sugg Ret $3.69
Dub-Bub-Jackpot   Dubble Bubble Jackpot Gumball machine 12/ Sugg Ret $4.59
Dub-Bub-Pail   Dubble Bubble Pail 240 ct Sugg Ret $0.20
Mini-Burger   E.Frutti Mini Burgers 60 pcs Sugg Ret $0.49
Mini-Hot-Dogs   E.Frutti Mini Hot Dogs 60 pcs Sugg Ret $0.49
Eat-More   Eat More Bar 24/52g Sugg Ret $1.89
Elastic-Cell-Phone-Holder   Elastic Cell Phone Kickstand & Holder Display 24/ Sugg Ret $1.99
Emoji-Pops   Emoji Light Up Pops with Batteries Included 12/11g Sugg Ret $2.99
Excel-Bubblemint   Excel Gum Bubblemint 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-Chlorophyl   Excel Gum Chlorophyl 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-Inferno   Excel Gum Cinnamon Inferno 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-Peppermint   Excel Gum Peppermint 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-Polar-Ice   Excel Gum Polar Ice 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-Spearmint   Excel Gum Spearmint 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-Spearmint-Bottle   Excel Gum Spearmint Bottle 6/83g Sugg Ret $5.49
Excel-Strong-Mint   Excel Gum Strong Mint 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-White-Bubblemint   Excel Gum White Bubblemint 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-White-Spearmint   Excel Gum White Spearmint 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-White-Winterfresh   Excel Gum White Winterfresh 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-Winterfresh   Excel Gum Winterfresh 12/ Sugg Ret $1.59
Excel-Mints-Berry   Excel Mints Mixed Berry 8/34g Sugg Ret $2.99
Excel-Mints-Peppermint   Excel Mints Peppermint 8/34g Sugg Ret $2.99
Excel-Mints-Spearmint   Excel Mints Spearmint 8/34g Sugg Ret $2.99
Excel-Mints-Winterfresh   Excel Mints Winterfresh 8/34g Sugg Ret $2.99
Excel-Soft-Chew-Peppermint   Excel Soft Chew Peppermint Gum 8/ Sugg Ret $2.59
Excel-Soft-Chew-Spearmint   Excel Soft Chew Spearmint Gum 8/ Sugg Ret $2.59
Fish-Cherry   Fisherman's Friend Cherry 16/ Sugg Ret $2.99
Fish-Honey-Lemon   Fisherman's Friend Honey-Lemon 16/Sugg Ret $2.99
Fish-Mint   Fisherman's Friend Mint 24/Sugg Ret $2.99
Fish-Orig-Extra-Strong   Fisherman's Friend Original Extra Strong 16/ Sugg Ret $2.99
Fish-Regular   Fisherman's Friend Regular 24/ Sugg Ret $2.99
Flake   Flake Chocolate Bar 24/32g Sugg Ret $2.29
Flash-Pop-Large-   Flash Pop Large Light Saber Lollipop 12/34g Sugg Ret $2.39
Flip-Phone   Flip Phone With Candy 12/ Sugg Ret $ 2.59
Fritos-BBQ-Hoops   Frito 57g BBQ Hoops 40's Sugg Ret $1.50
Fun-Dip   Fun Dip Cherry Singles 48/12.g Sugg Ret $0.59
Fun-Dip-Triple-   Fun Dip Triple Pack 36/40.5g Sugg Ret $1.89
Garbage-Candy   Garbage Candy 24/ Sugg Ret $ 1.19
Gerrits-Pink-Cadillacs-Gummie   Gerrit's Pink Cadillacs Gummies 12/150g Sugg Ret $3.99

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